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I talked about how I was thinking about entering into an "Entanglement" with my lawn man, and how I abruptly changed my mind.  Well yesterday I decided to call him up to offer him some pussy and it was the biggest mistake.

In this podcast I give you a followup to my "Interracial Dating" experiment.

In this podcast I discuss my racial preference for black men and how a white dude has recently made me question that!

I love being able to catch up with great friends and family.  Well today I went on a 2 mile walk with a good friend and she discussed how her good looks has been a source of her frustration with the men in her life.

Because of these men, she had become destitute and depressed.

Women like her need women like me in her life.  

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Hey ya'll,

In this podcast you can listen to me get pleasured by a man whom I had a Pedophile relationship with when I was 13 (he was 28).

He used to pick me up from my parents house at 1:00am in the morning and take me back to his house and fuck me, then bring me back home.  We're talking 30 or so years ago!

I cant believe i'm still friends with the weird ass man!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

In today's podcast I had to ROAST, READ, and GAG yet another Weirdo Bitch.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm being too accessible to women with SO MUCH DRAMA


Stay the FUCK out of our community we don't want you here.

In this podcast I discuss abandoning the quarantine order by going to get some DICK.

In this Podcast I had to BURN this chick for talking trash about me.  I debated whether or not to record this, but since I have ample time on my hands I might as well use it to be as petty as this BITCH.

So here it goes...

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